World Time Zones

World Time Zones cause much confusion as anipals rely on our tummy’s inbuilt alarm clock to tell us the time.  Often on twitter we promise our furiends we will attend a pawty being held in another time zone.  As Summer Time starts and finishes on different dates in many of the time zones, it can be confusing! HuMum and I worked on the following in the hope we could clarify the situation:


To view the Google Spreadsheet with Time Zones and their various changes for the next 12 months please click HERE


If you are still confused please don’t ask me as I only know two times “breakfast time” and “dinner time” *paw muffled giggles*

5 responses to “World Time Zones

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  2. Hi jessyjaney! You & your HuMom did a great job with a very confusing thing. I’ve missed talking to you on twitter. Hope you are OK! Purrs & pawhugs!

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