About Jessie

Yes I’m a panfur!


I don’t remember being born.  We think it was 11 years ago.  I do remember living with a family who had two dogs and another cat.  My huMum says that is why I am so greedy because I had to fight for my food and eat it fast. Also, I remember that I had a litter of kittens.  The next major memory is being at the RSPCA’s cat shelter in Burwood, Melbourne.  It wasn’t such a bad place, food was plentiful, it was warm and there were lots of cats to keep me company.  Then I saw her reading the tag outside our cage.  My heart was beating like crazy and my head was saying “pick me, pick me”.  She unlocked the cage, came inside and walked straight over to me! Must admit I did do the straight-arm, dig your nails in caper when she picked me up because cuddles weren’t part of my previous life.

She put me in a red carry box and carried me to the reception area. As I can understand human talk, I heard them say that huMum couldn’t take me yet as I had to be spayed!  OMC what are they going to do to me?  HuMum seemed to be ok with this so I just accepted it.  She gave me another cuddle and left.  I won’t go into the next week as it is hazy.  I caught the flu and, when I was better, had the dreaded operation.  Later, huMum told me that she was phoning every day to check on my progress but nobody told me, I thought I was dying.  Yes I am a bit of a hypochondriac!”

Oh hello huMum,” I said when she finally picked me up.  “Don’t laugh at me, they make me wear this big lampshade because I want to eat the stitches out!”  The nurse taught huMum how to give me my antibiotics, then I was put in the red carry box and we were off to the car. We seemed to drive for a long, long time. I guess I was a bit of a sook and miaowed to gain attention. It worked because huMum tickled me through the side of the box.

Goodness me! I love my new home! Sunny and bright, yet warm and toasty.  My huMum had left the heating on so I wouldn’t be cold when we arrived. Did I hear the snap of a tin being opened? I did, I did! Have I died and gone to heaven? What? There is more – yes, definitely heaven – a big bed with a mohair rug! Did you say this rug is mine? Crying tears of joy as I knead it to death. So tired, so much excitement and, as I was still a bit sore, I just curled up in ball and had a wee nap. That was September 3, 2005 so huMum and I decided it was my third birthday – so that mades me eleven on September 3, 2013) !!!

The days passed and, eventually, I got my stitches out and huMum taught me how to use the “door”. Wow I have my very own door! Now to explore the neighbourhood and get to know my “hoodies”. Lots of trees and lots of roofs to climb but a bit hard getting out of our garden as the fence is 9 feet. HuMum said that my uncle would build me steps! Think I’ve found my nirvana!

The next eight years of my life have been perfect! Good food, wonderful company with a huMum I just adore and the freedom to wander, hunt and experience a million adventures. In later pages I will fill you in on some of my activities. Please click on one of the links, on the right of the page, to join me in my escapades! Also, huMum has included some of her stories, written for children, which she hopes you will enjoy.

5 responses to “About Jessie

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  2. My dearest friend Jane, I have just found out that you passed away on 26 December 2013. I want you to know that I will never forget you. Thank you for being such a good friend. I will miss you and Jessie. Love you both xox

  3. I’m searching to comprehend the cruel reason why you had to leave us so soon. Then I feel cheered by my silliness, for you will ALWAYS be with us. Dearest Jane. We do miss your cheeky sense of fun and wit but we are thankful we spent some time with you. Love you so very much – you were such our dear friend to each and everyone of us. xxx

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