Aussies & Kiwis

*whispers* that plant outside is now a mass of roses, but wanted you to see our winter sun-puddles.
Left click on the picture for a larger image.

Every time I meet a new anipal from Australia or New Zealand on twitter I try to introduce them to my other ANZAC furiends.  This gets a bit difficult as I don’t want to fill the time line with lists of my mates.

So huMum had a brainwave (yeah she gets them occasionally, but less and less with the increase of grey hairs – at a later date I must ponder the correlation of brilliant ideas decreasing versus number of grey hairs increasing. With my assistance, she went through our list of furiends on Twitter and came up with this spreadsheet (click HERE to view).

I am so sorry if we’ve missed anybody out … please DM me in Twitter or leave a Comment and we will add you or your ANZAC furiend ASAP. Also, if you are a human ANZAC and wish to be added, we’d be delighted to oblige.

Naptime, bye-bye for now!

Always be delighted to hear from you, xxx's

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