Merry Christmas – 2013

Australia welcomes Santa – please click to Bigify

Australia welcomes Santa – please click to Bigify


My Northern Hemisphere Twitter anipal furiends really shake their heads at the thought of how much we enjoy celebrating Christmas in the Summer. We weren’t able to send a card to every furiend so I hope you think of these cards as being my way of wishing you a happy, safe Festive Season.


Playing Cricket with Santa and having so much fun  – please click to Bigify

Playing Cricket with Santa and having so much fun – please click to Bigify


HuMum (Jane) and I (Jessie) wish to thank you all for the incredible amount of support you have given us over the past three years. Thank you for understanding that old age does catch up to some of us and thus we no longer have the energy required to work & help so many wonderful anipal charities … our sincere apologies.


15 responses to “Merry Christmas – 2013

  1. Happy Christmas for us too. Smokey, Toby and our Mum Fiona.
    Very grey but very mild in Glasgow just now not very Christmasy. We would like to try the beach Christmas just once……..who knows. Lots fo Love from US xxxx
    And Best Wishes For 2014

  2. You pals ROCK! We love your ecard and how Aussies celebrate Christmas. Around here everyone wishes for snow for Christmas, but M hates snow and says “who needs it.” We love you both and are so grateful we have you as friends. You are a treasure! Merry Christmas!

  3. In fact, Christmas at the beach with temperatures up to 30°C plus x is still a pretty funny thought to me 🙂 Though pretty mild in Bochum too, only 2°C and we don´t expect a “White Christmas” this year – huMum´s glad as then she doesn´t have to clear the snow from the foodpath. Well and cricket, not sure if we´ll ever understand it fully, not in this lifetime *chuckles*

    We reach out over the North Sea, over the Pacific to give you a BIG hug. We love you so very much and we´re proud & very happy to be your friends and you´re ours. Have a pawsome festive season xxx´s

  4. Meowy Crispmouse Jessie & Humum Jane! We’re so blessed to be your furiend – your wit, your kind heart, your love for all your furiends makes you so special! Hope you have a pawsome Chrispmouse & a happy, healthy Mew Year! ((HUGS)
    Love yoo!

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