Let’s Celebrate

What a purrfect position for my new Scritching Post

What a purrfect position for my new Scritching Post (Click to bigify)

Wow there are only 37 sleeps until Christmas but until today it has felt like the middle of winter with our daily temperature being way under 20C (68F)! This blog is written to celebrate the arrival of summer plus an early pressie just for me!

It has taken me 11 months to shred my old scritching post back to bare wood and to celebrate this momentous occasion huMum took advantage of the sale at our local Petstock shop and purchased a brand new one! I hesitate to suggest that this was more a present for huMum than it was for me as I had given up trying to clean and sharpen my claws on the old post and taken to the carpet with the lesson being… flying missiles in the shape of anything that is close to huMum’s hand will arrive suddenly and scarily right where I’m scritching (she has been practicing her cricket bowling ready for the 1st Ashes test which is to start on Thursday *excited ears*).

Out with the old and in with the new. The new has a 5 gold stars stamp of approval! My special smell test said delicious (huMum had sprayed it with catnip) and a few tentative scritches proved that it has a respectable coverage of wool. I’m so pleased that it is the same colour as the old one… cream so will be a purrfect contrast to my lush, shiny black panfur.

Oops um *embarrassed ears*. “Are you giggling at me huMum?” I’m sure I put just the right amount of spring in my paws for a purrfect takeoff and landing? How come I missed and landed so ungracefully back on the floor? What? “Are you telling me it is 6cm (2.4 inches) taller than our old post?” Takes step back and makes purrfect landing on second attempt *proud ears*. Oh I like that I’m now even closer to the nom preparation area.

Today huMum and I celebrated the arrival of the summer and a 29C (84F) maximum temperature with a garden clean up. This involved huMum grunting and groaning as she weeded our pavers and garden beds… she filled the huge green wheelie bin to the brim *impressed ears* while I supervised from the shade of whichever camellia tree she was closest too. We are worried about our new lemon tree. Its madly growing but yet to flower or fruit (second season) also two Pittosporum have gone to heaven and need replacing. Our garden shop to purchase list is very long as it includes sugar cane mulch, citrus tree and camellia food plus a few of the lovely Princess Lavenders which I think will make purrfect nests for moi. Enough said as huMum needs to bathe her weary body and put ointment on her sunburnt nose and all the rose scritch wounds. I’ve very *pleased ears* as something other than me likes to scritch her!

Nap time, bye-bye for now!

Purrfect results - sunset today in our garden! (Click to bigify)

Purrfect results – sunset today in our garden! (Click to bigify)