The Secret Life of Cats


An hour long documentary produced by scientists Dr John Bradshaw, Sarah Ellis and Alan Wilson in June, 2013. They look at the lives of 50 cats in a small village in South East UK.

Ummm huMum why didn’t you just ask me … I find this a gross invasion of privacy! … I warn all who watch this that we are EEEEVOLVING!


20 responses to “The Secret Life of Cats

  1. OMC – This is beyond a doubt the best video I’ve ever seen. It’s simply amazing. Kudos to the scientists for thinking of this project and following through with it. Thank you friend for posting it.

  2. This is truly amazing! Wonder if you too go to other cats houses to steal their food at night MOL And I think humans can learn a lot of how-to avoid fights if they´d just learn to share same space at different times. We cats are sooooo clever & smart!

    • It is secret cat business as to where I go but on 3 occasions we have foiled the attempts of a neighbour to enter my dining room. Nods in agreement the human species has a lot to learn from us! xxx’s

    • Dear Smokey & Toby – yes they didn’t find out where the mouce stash is! We are going to have to check our collars for GPS transmitters before we leave house in the future though xxx’s

  3. Okay… I’m confused. They said that those peeps were cats scientists but… well… uh…

    You see… I know several cat scientists – myself included – and WE’RE ALL CATS!


  4. We don’t want our people knowing our secrets. That would mean we’d have to be extra, extra sneaking and that’s just too much work. Purrs…

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