Winter & Rain are the Pits !!

Winter is two days away in Melbourne but I can’t complain as we have had a very mild, dry autumn. This mild weather has enabled me to continue my “war against vermin”, in particular, mice and rats. *Proud Ears* So since 30th November, 2012 we have successfully bought huMum 55 mice and 3 gianormous rats. You may not believe me but I assure you this total is correct as I’ve been noting every one of them in my “kill” diary.

Think this was number 20?

Think this was number 20?
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Tonight winter arrived two days early and with a vengeance with a low of 9C = 48F and a high of only 16C = 60F. Did I mention it was raining too?

I love, love summer rain but not this chilly winter rain. In summer I’m happy to patrol, hunt and stroll around my neighbourhood in the rain, with the occasional visit home for a quick invigorating towel rub.

Last year I was diagnosed with a smidgeon of arthritis but after treatment I was all better and huMum swore she would never put me through the indignities of having to see Jenny Vet every week as it was so very traumatic for me. This year we have decided to treat my arthrisits with glucosomine and fish oil. The third part of the treatment is for me to stay inside our warm home for long periods each day/night. No arguments from me with this as even I know being cold means being sore and stiff.

We do have a MAJOR problem … there is no garden inside the house for me to use as my potty. For the last week huMum has been testing a litter tray in the laundry but I thought it was a new bed and now spend several hours a day sleeping there. I haven’t used a litter tray since I found my forever home with huMum and she kept me locked in for 3 weeks while I recovered from my little girls operation. Even then I only deigned to use it once a day!

Yes I must admit – I’m a once a day girl and love visiting the neighbours house to make those deposits. Thankfully they have a rather wild back garden so I am well camouflaged! Hehehe

Tonight was a problem for me … it was raining that bitter cold rain we see in Melbourne in winter. There was a brief pause at about 10.30am and I made a dash for what I hoped would be dry soil under one of the Camellia Trees … blawky mud caught in my nails but I persisted and finally got down to some dry soil and did my business and rushed back to huMum standing at the door worrying about me. She let me clean my toenails on my scratching pole and then gave me the most delicious towel rub … I tell you I was purring like a steam train.

Dry, snug & warm ... purrfect bliss!

Dry, snug & warm … purrfect bliss! See the tongue?
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NOTE: HuMum would like some suggestions on how she might convince me that the litter tray is not a new bed? As our winter deepens so too will my sore stiff bones and she is worried that I will remain determined to go potty in the rain and cold. Any ideas would be gratefully received – but please remember I am a wild panfur huntress who loves the outside world!

15 responses to “Winter & Rain are the Pits !!

  1. hmmm, off top of my head I´d say try several places in your home, you might need two or three litter trays which can help to find out best place (or you might need one for pee and another for poo, some cats prefer this) I´d try to fill the trays with a bit garden soil (from the camilla trees if possible as it might smells familiar) on top of regular litter. Well, and best would be your huMum could find some of your poo and place it into the tray to show you how it´s meant to use

    • Ty Janis for your suggestions … huMum is going try two litter trays in a room just for MOI to use and obtain suggestions from Aussie pals as to the type of litter I might use for potty and not a bed MOL

  2. You are a mighty huntress for sure Jesse – M is very impressed with your skills. he he – she looked at me and said I was too lazy to hunt. She’s right. Hmmmm, Janis seems to have the best suggestions. We’ve never had that problem as all of M’s kitties have been indoor kitties. I have heard about putting the cat’s pooo in the box so she know’s it’s her box. Keep us posted please. Yes, keep taking the Glucosomine – my sisfur’s cat has been on it for over a year and it has helped. M sends hugs to your mom cuz she knows how worried you must be.

    • We going to be fine Mario … also going to try Coconut Oil see CK’s reply below. huMum going to buy highsided potty tray and put in *Visitors Bathroom* so I have privacy also going to buy litter I won’t sleep in. Chuckles I hide my pooh really well so will use some dirt from garden. Hoping I don’t have to become an inside kitty as I love my patroling neighbourhood … Love to you and M & D from me and huMum!

  3. Whoa! I’d like to mention your hunting skills in an upcoming blog! Color me impressed. Hmmm, arthritis? Dunno who that is. Maybe you need a covered litter pan or perhaps it would help for your huMUM to cover the litter with a little dirt from the garden until you get used to it.

  4. Hullo!

    Da litterbox no ain’t bed. Bed is bed so next too hooman(s). What’s also bed, is kitchen counter. Or table in living room. But no litterbox. Never.


  5. Jessie, you is a mighty huntress for sure *impressed* Hope you are keeping the Summer House clear of horrible vermin with just as much success *grimaces* Also, I am more than happy to hold the brolly while you do your business *whispers* I promise to look the other way and hum a tune *always the gentledog*

  6. 99 Days until the election. Hope you’re getting ready to move into your new parliamentary office as Minispurr for Sneakiness.

    Thanks for being part of my first try at a blog hop.

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