Vote 1 Feline Pawty

A few of you may have heard that on January 30, 2013 the Australian Prime Minister, Miss Fanta Pants (aka Julia Gillard), called a Federal Election to take place on September 7, 2013. Australians will be so sick of the campaigning by Miss Fanta Pants and the Opposition Leader, Mr Budgie Smuggler (aka Tony Abbott), that the Feline Pawty lead by the ever so handsome, Mr Bumpy Cat, will romp into power with a humongous majority.

Mr Bumpy is presently calling on all members of the Feline Pawty (including all Australian Honorary anipals) for Candidates … see Preselection.

My hoodies have elected me to stand in the “blue blood” seat of Goldstein in Victoria which is presently held by Mr Bojangles (aka Andrew Robb). My campaign strategy will be revealed in coming months.


Dont you love the poster that our fearless leader Mr Bumpy made for me?

Dont you love the poster that our fearless leader Mr Bumpy made for me?


19 responses to “Vote 1 Feline Pawty

  1. You have my vote! In case you need a secret advisor I´d be happy to spy on your PM and any dirty trick your politicians might have in mind. (of course they have, they´re politicians!)

  2. Oi ! I was gonna ask Winnie to be MY campaign manager ! *laughs* And I’m gonna use Chloe to take around door-knocking – one sweet look from her and I’ll get HEAPS of votes 🙂

    • She can be campaign manager for both of us as we on same team … anything to get rid of Jules and Tonnnnnne … hope you will let me borrow #ourChloePup too … she will super fit after all this walking

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