Blooming Brilliant Blog Award

Thanks to my wonderful furiends at 3 Aussie Cats and we are truly honoured. It such a gorgeous award!

First of all, before getting down to the hard work, I want to introduce you to my furiends at 3 Aussie Cats (now 4 Aussie Cats, hehehehe). Without doubt they are the happiest, friendliest mob of cats in all of Adelaide, Australia and are very very loyal furiends.

3 (now 4) Aussie Cats

3 (now 4) Aussie Cats


The Blooming Brilliant Blog Award

The Blooming Brilliant Blog Award

The Award came with a few instructions:
1. Link back to your furiends who have honoured you – DONE!
2. Pass the award on to a minimum of 4 other blogs – SEE BELOW!
3. Answer this question: If you had a brilliant idea what would it be?

Our answer to the question is:
My brilliant idea would be (*drum roll* needed) to wave a “magic wand” to stop all anipal cruelty around the World and ensure that humans had anipal loving hearts!

I pass this award onto just two very special blogs:
1. Shiva & Jaya our Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth
2. Dash Kitten who is the sweetest kindest Kiwi kitteh I know


13 responses to “Blooming Brilliant Blog Award

  1. They are 4 Aussie Cats now? Since when and why I don´t know anything about this? pfff, huMum´s sick and I miss everything what´s going on … but as a kind and loving kitty I had to hold her paw and so on.

    Oh, and concats, of course 🙂 xxx´s

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