Why I Love Thee

I’ve just been honoured to receive the sweetest Award ever from the gorgeous Savannah whose blog I admire so very much! If you haven’t already, I suggest you go and have a look at it!

This award comes with 4 requests:

1. Post the Award on your blog
2. Link the Award back to the person you gave it too and give them a big thank you!
3. Tell why you love someone, be it a human or a furiend!
4. Pass the award onto a blog (or blogs) you love!

!! Thank you Savannah !!

!! Thank you Savannah !!


Why I love Keely & Thomas!

The Archer Fambly

The Archer Fambly

It is so very simple to explain why I love these two wonderful furiends (@AngelKeely and @PuppyNumber7) – they are kind, generous and loving. When I was sad and lonely they gave me a home! They work their butts off to help anipal charities and causes on Twitter. We have shared so much laughter (and many tears) and, at times, seem to be inside each others heads – so often we tweet the exact same words! Their love for each other and their pups @ourWinniePup and #ourChloePup is a joy to behold!

Having somewhere to go is what we call home
Having someone to love, who loves us in return, is what we call family
Having both is incomparable


I pass this Award to the bloggy of my dear furiends and fambly Keely & Thomas

12 responses to “Why I Love Thee

  1. Dearest Poppet you are like a daughter to me and a piece of my heart will travel with you always and forever! I know that #BigSkool may not approve of you digging potty holes or climbing trees so we will keep those lessons secret *winks* #softpurrs to send you to sleep

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