Save our Koalas

I know we make cute jokes about the Australian Koala and his qualifications to be known as a bear.

Koala b


Nor are we sending them off to bear training camps


In all honesty we are proud that they are definitely not bears but are arboreal herbivorous marsupials native to Australia – The Koala

The simple facts are that Koalas are rapidly disappearing from the Australian landscape…

There are estimated to be less than 100,000 koalas remaining in Australia, considerably less due to the recent disastrous Victorian bush fires and Queensland floods.

Koala after treatment for severe burns :(

Koala after treatment for severe burns 😦


It is incumbent on us to protect those koalas and endangered species remaining not only for our growing tourism industry but for future generations. Currently, Koalas are predicted to become extinct in the wild by 2020.

Considering we are in the Sixth Mass Extinction of all species, it is imperative that we understand that human survival depends on biodiversity.

The Wildlife Protection Council needs your financial assistance to help us protect our Koalas. An excellent webpage outlining all the problems facing Australia Wildlife.


Please click the logo to be taken to AWPC donation page!

Please click the logo to be taken to AWPC donation page!


Help us see the growth of a healthy Koala population in Australia.

Koala d


19 responses to “Save our Koalas

  1. Oh Jessie, we have known of the threat to the Koalas for some time. We have donated to WWF several times over the year; we read National Geo and they have had articles over the years about the plight of the Koala population. So similar to what is happening to the Pandas…humans are taking their food sources and encroaching on their living environment. It is so frightening to know of the impending date they have for complete extinction in the wild. They along with the Panda, Bengal Tigers and Polar Bear are not a small matter. I will see what Mom and Dad can do. Thank you for posting about the Koala

    • We had the diseases under control and were building them protected forests but in the last 5 years we have had so many fires and floods that have caused havoc with the wild populations of Koalas, I grew up with Koalas on our farm and it saddens me that the next generation will no longer see them in the wild 😦
      Thank you so much for your concern Savannah and that of your Mom & Dad – very much appreciated

  2. Dear Koalas!

    This is your elected Purrime Ministerettes. We at your service! *paws to heads*

    We vetoed your extincting thingie. So please has no worries. We shall make sure you be part of Planet Purrth for at least a millionbilliontrillionzillion years!


  3. I love those adorable little fella’s. They are so cute, and it’s so sad to hear they are declining in population. It will be an honor to contribute to the fund to help save them.

    • Hugs Mario and M … I received a phone call from the AWPC about this yesterday … hence the blog. I don’t think even Australians are aware how devestating the Victorian Fires (still raging) in our National Forests are to our majoy populations of at risk wildlife live. These Forests have been set aside for wildlife like the Koala to live beyound the grasp of greedy men but unfortunately “Mother Nature” (Global Warming) has burnt out over 12,000 hectares and it is still burning. Thank you for being so caring!

  4. That is incredibly sad. In the U.S. there’s been a study about outdoor cats decimating the wildlife population but man has done most of the damage. They cut down the forests, burn more forests with their careless matches and poison with their pesticides and chemicals. I hope the koalas can be saved and feel so bad for that little guy with the burns cos I know he’s not the only one.

  5. Less than 100tsd left? OMC this is very sad! Can´t imagine Australia without Koalas, don´t want to imagine it 😦

    Let´s see what huMum and I can do. But for sure we´ll do our best (again) at the Dreamteam … each week 500 $ to win and in case we´ll beat them all, we´ll donate the price to the AWPC! And the Bilbys and … ? *sighs*

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