Liebster Blog Award

OMC I heard a distant Ka-Ching and was so delighted when I went to investigate the blog of Shiva & Jaya to find I’d been nominated for the:

The Liebster Award - Discover New Blogs!

The Liebster Award – Discover New Blogs!

With this award there are a few different things to do:

1. Thank the purrson who gave you the award and link back to their blog
2. Share five things about yourself
3. Answer the five questions (at bottom of page)
4. Replace those questions with five new questions to be answered by your five nominated bloggers
5. Name your five nominated bloggers (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog, on facebook or a tweet!
6. Copy and paste the award on your blog
7. Hope that the bloggers you’ve presented with the award forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

So here is me sharing 5 things you may not know about me:
1. I will not sit on huMum’s lap
2. I am scared of children
3. I am NOT scared of gianormous ferocious wild bushy tailed possums
4. I only have 7 nipples (don’t ask)
5. I miss my #bestie @toughteddybear very much

"Purrime Ministerette Pees On Purrth Award"

“Purrime Ministerette Pees On Purrth Award”

I wish to thank Shiva & Jaya for presenting me with this Liebster Award as well as their personal Pees on Purrth Award! They have set me 5 very difficult questions to answer and, as I’ve taken this job so seriously, I’ve called on the might of Google to ensure I get my facts straight.

1. What song makes the soundtrack of your life?

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” because of these lines:

I did my best, it wasn’t much
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

2. Who is your favorite politicat and why?

Think this is a trick question because it has to be a draw between Shiva and Jaya as they are the only politicats I know! They seem to be able to manage Purrth pretty well, even if they do live in England and only visit the Colonies when they need to remember what a sun puddle feels like *sniggers*.

3. What kind of anipal scares you the most?

Mean humans pretending to be Anipals so that they can steal our money, hurt our feelings and bully us so that that we and many others leave twitter. Makes me so sad and mad! *HISSSSSSSSS*

4. If you could be human for one day, what would you teach Planet Purrth about love and friendship?

If I could be a human for a day then I’d like to give my my fellow humankind a double-whammy, life-time lasting injection filled with “kindness” and “sharing” so that they immediately realise that wars and guns are not needed. Then, for the first time ever, children and anipals would be safe in kind loving homes.

5. If you could travel to a far-away destination on Planet Purrth, where would it be and why?

HuMum has travelled to many places in the world but the one place she found true happiness was living on a house boat on Dal Lake in the middle of the Kashmir Valley in Srinagar. The beauty of the many and varied Mughal Gardens are inspirational. I think she and I would like to live out our lives there surrounded by peace, beauty and illumination.

The J and J Houseboat on Dal Lake

The J and J Houseboat on Dal Lake


Thank you Shiva & Jaya so much for setting me this mission, I hope that you are pleased with my modest blog contribution.



Jessie’s 3rd Degree:
1. Recommend a book that you or your staff have read that you feel my huMum would like.
2. Show us a picture of your favourite flower, preferably from your garden but understand if you have to use Google.
3. How do you express your love for those close to you.
4. Name an all time favourite film of you or your staff.
5. Do you find all this just a bit tedious?

Jessie’s Nominees:
.   Pepper’s Paws by @PepperPom
.   We are Siamese if you please! by @MiaandManu
.   Cotton’s Cottage by @furrycotton
.   The Best Me That I Can Be by @grrlysquirrel75
.   Keely and Thomas by @AngelKeely & @PuppyNumber7

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