Amazing!! The Shell Game

What I find truly amazing about this video is that Kido actually plays the game. Also, goes to show that not all white cats have hearing problems! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did xxx’s

17 responses to “Amazing!! The Shell Game

  1. Great video! Appaws for that cat! I hope it doesn’t give TW any bright ideas. MOL! Do you know they play a game like this on the scoreboard at baseball games. They hide a ball under one of three caps. TW uncovered the secret. Now they can pick the cap without seeing the caps get juggled.

    • I do think he was tracking it by sound! I know I can hear a mouse at 10 yards MOL! There is no way huMum could get me to play a game like that so I applaud Kido for putting up with his staff and placating them.

  2. uuuh this is soo loud *holds ears* I´m amazed Kido can stand it and doesn´t run away, wonder if he/she´s deaf? Oh yes, the game … pff, piece of cake for a kitty *ducks & giggles behind paws*

  3. Wow – one smart kitty. M tried something similar with me and I just sat there and looked at her. I didn’t fall for that game either. Now I has a puzzle box and she’ll put a treat in it about 3 times a day. That game is pretty fun.

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