The Next Big Thing Award

The Next Big Thing Award

The Next Big Thing Award


The rules for this Award state that I am to thank the wonderful person who nominated me:

The Stunning Cathy Keisha

The Stunning Cathy Keisha

Please meet Cathy Keisha who is ever so famous for her blog, Stunning Keisha.  Dear Cathy I am so happy to receive this award and sincerely thank you for bestowing such an honour on me.

Now I am to give the Award to 5 other deserving recipients – “drum roll” – I nominate:

1. Janis Felidae and her huMum of the blog, Catonauts.  Janis and her huMum live in Germany but they have a wonderful grasp of English and think of themselves as having been Australians in a previous life.  Janis plays a wicked game of Australian Rules football!

2. Bumpy Cat blog with the original name, Mr Bumpy Cat.  I adore visiting this blog and highly recommend to you all.

3. Angel Keely & Thomas Archer’s blog, Keely and Thomas.  Keely & Thomas share their lives with us including those of their offspring #ourWinnie and #ourChloePup.  I get to feature too as I’m the pup’s Nanny *chuckles*.

4. Gemma’s blog, Gemma’s Little Gems.  We get to experience life through Gemma’s big eyes, her adventures are a hoot.

5. Billy also has a very original name for his blog, Billy The Pig.  Without doubt this is my favourite weekly blog to read as I either am sobbing or laughing very loudly.

I hope my 5 recipients are suitable impressed and, in turn, that we will soon see who they pass this prestigeous Award onto.


Posing for my Award Picture *giggles*

Posing for my Award Picture *giggles*

22 responses to “The Next Big Thing Award

  1. Congratulations on your very deserving award friend. I’m going to go over and check out the blogs of those you are passing the award on to as I’m only familiar with one of the names mentioned. M tried to send you an email this morning – we hope you got it. She got one back again, so she’s just not sure she has your addy right.

  2. Thank you for graciously accepting the award. I’m going to have to check out the new recipients as I only know them from Twitter. I’m glad that the award is going to other blogs than the few in the CB. It’s so fun to read new blogs.

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  5. oh Jessie, spot on!! So well deserved!! And CK was one smart keeping it real cat to pass that to you…You are like totally already the NEXT BIG THING!!..paw pats, Savannah peeEss some new blogs for me so I can go visiting, thanks tons

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