Farewell #bestie

Last Picture of Teddy Bear taken on December 16, 2012

Last Picture of Teddy Bear taken on December 16, 2012

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write. A few simple words and my world came tumbling down around me:

Now I have some sad news. TeddyBear, my baby, went OTRB this (1-3-13) at 10:30 am. He got out last night. We didn’t find him all night. I was in and out looking for him. I saw him this morning coming up the path but he didn’t look right so took him to the vet. He had extensive injuries and the Vet said it looked like he could have been hit by a car … treatment of his injuries may be too much for Teddy to endure and, then said, it probably wouldn’t do him any good. So I made the painful decision to ease his suffering and let him go. Yours sincerely TeddyBear’s Mom

My heartfelt condolences to Teddy’s Mom and his human Sissy, please know I’m just a DM or email away … can you feel the warmth of our hugs?

My heart is broken and huMum is not much better. I’m wiping her eyes while I dictate to her as she can’t see the screen.

So instead of continuing to portray our grief I’m going to remember the wonderful times I’ve had with my #bestie, @toughteddybear a true gentleman of Twitter. Teddy would want us to celebrate his life not mourn it.

I met him just 28 months ago when he was still a kitten in my eyes but he had the wisdom of a 100 year old elephant. Think he was number 38 on my list of followers! Through him I met his girlfuriend, @LilyLuWhoT and they got me involved in the lives of so many twitter anipals.


Teddy proposing to Lily --- awwwe

Teddy proposing to Lily — awwwe

Hey #bestie I know you are reading this – do you remember when you bashfully *whispered* to me that you wanted to ask Lily to be your wife? Oh we had so much fun preparing your proposal but I had to sit biting my nails in background! Think I let out the loudest full-blooded YEOWL when she said yes.


Just one of Teddy's gifts to Lily to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, 2011

Just one of Teddy’s gifts to Lily to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, 2011

Then came your monster task of preparing a gift every day of the 12 days of Christmas and, again, I was like a voyeur seeing Lily’s delight when each day you gave her a new present.

With you and Lily safely engaged our anipal furiends began to accept that you and I were just #besties. They understood that a girl and boy cat could have a platonic relationship. Lily became my close girl furiend and she understood that when she was asleep and you had the zoomies (around your 2:00 am) we’d often meet and chase each other around twitter and our homes and gardens. Oh the delicious food we nommed in each other’s kitchens … hehehe remember the cream fight?


Teddy's 1st Birthday

Teddy’s 1st Birthday

On March 10, 2011 Lily organized your 1st Birthday in Pawty in Puerto Rico and you were crowned King for a day.


No more air guitar for Teddy!

No more air guitar for Teddy!

And you received a guitar as a present!




Time marched on but each time we met it was just pure joy. Remember your happiness when you realised you were #SuperTeddy?


The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party

Toast to the Bride and Groom

Toast to the Bride and Groom

Finally in the beginning of October, 2012 I was so very proud to stand beside you as your #BestCat when you eloped with Lily during the Love Boat’s visit to Bermuda.


These are just a few memories of my time with TeddyBear … I’m inviting you to use the comments page of this blog to remind Teddy, his Mom, his human Sissy and beautiful wife, Lily, of your special time with this wonderful furiend of ours.

Dedicated to TeddyBear’s Mom and his human Sissy:

When I am gone, release me. Let me go
I have so many things to see and do.
You mustn’t tie yourself to me with tears.
Be happy that we had so many beautiful years.
I gave to you my love. You can only guess
How much you gave to me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it’s time I travelled on alone.
So grieve a while for me, if grieve you must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It’s only for a while that we must part,
So bless the memories within your heart.
I won’t be far away, for life goes on.
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can’t see or touch me, I’ll be near.
And if you listen with your heart,
You’ll hear all my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I’ll greet you with a smile and say welcome home…
By Anonymous

104 responses to “Farewell #bestie

  1. Jessie, this is a brilliant and touching dedication to Teddy *hugs* I’m sure it will bring comfort to his mama. I am so sorry you lost your #bestie, Lily lost her #SnookumsHubby, Teddy’s family lost their handsome boy and we lost a precious furiend xx

  2. Mil is bawling her eyes out reading this, such a loss to so many people, his huMum and Sissy, darling Lily, Jessie as his bestie and all the other anipals who interacted with Teddy and loved him for his sweet fun loving nature. He was one of Mamas @AngelKeely s First Pals when she joined Twitter and she loved him and Lily dearly. She was looking down on them from heaven when Teddy and Lily married only a few short months ago and I know that she will be taking care of him now OTRB. He will be wrapped in her angel wings as are we all. In Teddys own words we must now all take care of each other and our humans xxxxx

  3. Oh Jessie – Teddy and I are blessed to be your furiends! Never thought I could smile today but this beautiful tribute to your #Bestie made my heart a little lighter. Teddy brought so much happiness to so many – we are all truly blessed to have known him! His proposal was beyond romantic – he did everything with so much style! I will love him forever & a day – love never dies. & when I cross that bridge I know my #SnookumsHubby will be waiting for me, perhaps wearing an apron which always makes me swoon!

    Sending my mom-in-law & Sissy so much love – I wish I could ((HUG)) them in purrson but I know they feel them through the twitterverse! Thank you for sharing Teddy with us – we’re all better anipals for having known him! I love you very much & always will.

    *Blows a kiss to my #AngelTeddy* Thank you for loving me and making me the happiest ladycat in the world! I hold so many wonderful memories in my heart and they will sustain me when I’m sad. Your love is a precious gift! LilyBear ❤ Tedily 4ever & ever! SMOOOOCH!

    Thanks to everyone who has offered a hug to us – we are blessed with the most wonderful furiends! And thank you Jessie for being the most wonderful #Bestie my Teddy could have ever asked for. ((HUGS))
    Love you all!
    Love you Teddy – always & forever!

  4. tears for a wonderful person. Cats are definitely people with personalities. Hope you’re enjoying yourself OTRB Teddy!

  5. OMC, what a wonderful, touching tribute to a wonderful, sweet furiend. Me & Mom iz crying all over again. Teddy lives on furever in owr hearts & me knoze he will alwayz be close by hiz fambly & furiends. xoxo

  6. Such a wonderful tribute to a magnificent mog. A true gent, always so kind, so positive, so caring. Teddy will leave a huge hole in the lives of his family, and our dear pals lily and jj. My heart, and my mums, go to his family. Godspeed Teddy. I will see you soon.

  7. Words like these bring some comfort to family and furriends alike at this sad time. Jessie you gud, gud, furriend and well spoken. Teddy will be missed by so many. HUGS, ChazzTheDog

  8. Oh, what a beautiful & very toucy tribute to Teddy.. Mom & I are crying now.. He will always be in my heart.. Teddy & my hubby Murphy were close in age & Teddy will always be one of my dearest & sweetest furriends to me.. He was my tuxedo brofur! *leaky eyes*

  9. That was simply beautiful, Jessie. Thank you for always being such a great friend to Teddy. I know he’s watching over all of us now.

    • Dearest Samantha my huMum wants to give you and your Mom the biggest hug … we love you so much … thank you for sharing your TeddyBear as he taught us so much about being good people/cats

  10. I knew you’d do a wonderful tribute to him and you have. I first met Teddy when we were both on the Twitter Wall of Fame. Remember that? We were neck and neck in the top 5. He finally beat me but we had fun. I must say last night was the first time I couldn’t finish my set at Nipclub. The news broke in the middle of my set. TW and I were crying so hard I found it tough to go on. Being the professional I am, I scrapped my playlist and started playing songs to honor Teddy. Today at 4, I’ll proudly #Ride4Teddy and @FeralTom too.

    • I so remember the Wall of Fame hahaha and sorry to admit I was voting twice for Teddy and once for you each day *guilty ears* but know you would understand that. Thanks to you and TW for dedicating remainder of you set at #Nipclub to Teddy I wonder if he was sitting OTRB with a niptini listening and tapping his paw? xxx’s ty

  11. I am so sad to hear of this. I’m sure he had bunches and bunches of love in his short life. Kitties leave their paw prints deep in our hearts forever. This was a very moving tribute to him. So sorry he had to leave his family and friends so soon 😦

  12. That final poem was beautiful. I loved Super Teddy and chatted with him in the wee hrs when I stayed up late. He was always kind to everyone and I will miss him *hugs*

  13. Oh Jessie your post is so very beautiful and so very well said. We were shocked yesterday when we entered Twitter on our way to nipclub and the first thing we saw was Cokiethecat’s tweet. M little heart almost stopped and M had very leaky eyes. Teddy was such a good pal to all of us and we feel so very bad for his humans. It’s hard enough when you lose a member of your family to an illness, but Teddy’s crossing was so very tragic. We want his family to know how sad we are today, but how blessed we feel to have known him, loved him, and were friends with him. Our deepest sympathy to them in thier grief and also to LilyLuWHoT in her grief. Fly high pal – fly high.

  14. Jessie, I read this over several times and it is one of the most beautiful tributes I have seen.

    Belle, Jessis, Lily, I am so so sorry about our Teddy flying away to the Bridge. I send my love and warm hugs and prayers to his momma and to Lily who was his wife.

    Rest peacefully dearest little Teddy. Our love follows you. It always will.

    • hugs and ty so much for your comments … I don’t think Teddy will be doing any resting OTRB he will be having so much fun learning how to use his wings and dive-bombing napping anipals … my minds eye sees it now and I’m giggling at the thought

  15. Jessie, this is Teddy’s Mom. I just read the beautiful tribute to my baby boy. Have to admit I’m bawling my eyes out. Thanks for everything you have done for us. You are a truly amazing friend. Took me 15 mins to read the blog cause I couldn’t see for the tears. Another 15 mins to read the comments. So much love for my TeddyBear and I want to thank each and every one who has left a comment. They all are so touching & heartlfelt. Jessie your #bestie is still with you. He will always be in your heart. Never forget loves lives forever.

    TM (Teddy’s Mom)

    • Dearest TM oh how I’ve waited for your words to appear on our wee tribute to your darling TeddyBear. I hope you feel him all around you because I know I do. Love you and yours so very much xxx’s

  16. I first remember Teddy when the picture of him with the guitar was being tweeted around. Ever after, I looked forward to seeing his adventures and antics. He had fun. I get teary eyed..love you Teddy. We’ll look after his Mom, Lily and Jessie and any other anipals who want to talk of Teddy.

  17. Puts a huge fish on the edge of the bridge. I bowed my head for this great kitteh and looked up and the fish was GONE! I heard laughter as a gentle breeze went by.
    Remembering the day Teddy and Lily met on our wedding day (Stripey and Honeybell)

    Love you Teddy and your family and we all salute you.

    Love from Honeybell, Stripey and your twitterverse family.

    The road will be hard for Mom. Love will dry her tears and there will always be a place in our hearts just for Teddy.

  18. I’ll love you and miss you forever, Teddy. You were such a good, loyal friend. And I found sweet Lily and Jessie through you too…sending love to them and to your family, who must be aching for you right now. Sorry I scolded you sometimes, it was just because I felt like your protective older sister. I think you knew I loved you a whole lot. Someday we’ll all meet again, and I’ll scold you for leaving us too soon. But you’ll know I’m just teasing.

    xoxox your friend always, Sydney

  19. Teddy I can’t believe you are gone. You were a terrific pal to Shorty
    My deepest sympathies to your families & especially to Lily
    Thank you JJ for such a wonderful tribute to the much loved & adored kitty in this whole world
    You will always have a special place in my heart
    Taken too soon but loved forever
    (Crying as I write this)

    Love, Shortys mom Lillian

  20. Jessie, such a beautiful tribute to your bestie.
    I will miss seeing the two of you do zoomies
    in the middle of the night. Teddy will be missed but I know when I look up in the sky
    at night he is winking at me through the brightest star & is zooming with anipals the
    have gone OTRB. Sending love to his mom
    & sissy. I will miss you Sweet Teddy.

  21. Teddy was a good pal to us. I am so sorry he left for OTRB so young. He leaves a huge whole in our hearts. I’ve lit a candle to help light his way. Hugzzzzzzz to sweet Teddy’s Mom and our friend Lily. RAY, CHASE & TIPPER

  22. Sad doesn’t come close. Devastated comes closer. Teddy always said Hi (inspite of Mum yelling TEDDY!! at the top of her Twitter voice MOL!!) He was rock solid, he was gracious he was NEVER EVER mad at ANYONE!!

    Teddy, Mom, friends, This Cat leaves a gap in our hearts no-one can fill – I carry on barktending decidating myself to the high standards and gracious gentleness Teddy showed me.

    Dash Kitten

    • Dear Dash, Thank you so much for your comments. Teddy, his Mom, Lily and his human Sissy are reading them and will be so honoured that:
      “I carry on barktending decidating myself to the high standards and gracious gentleness Teddy showed me.”
      TY xxx’s

  23. I so sorry to lern ub Teddy goin OTRB, & sorry too dat I nebber got to know him bery well. Mommy’s heart is bweaking for all who luff Teddy, speshully cuz da time yoo got to share wif him wuz much too short. Da good part iz, Teddy got to know luff ebery single day he wuz wif yoo. He will always be your speshul boy.

  24. Our tears that fall shine brightly against fur and skin. Not in sadness and in sorrow but in remembrance of our kin. Though by birth we were not bred in our hearts and in our head we are family. Brothers and sisters joined together by a common bond, by a love felt for fellow pals.

    In the days to follow let us rejoice and remember. Memories last forever and those we love are always with us. In our mind and in our hearts they dwell forever.

    As for those of us who remain let us celebrate and honor our friends both here and #OTRB always never forgetting.

    Teddy, you were one of the sweetest gentlecats. You and Lily together always made me smile. I promise as a brother I will take care of her here while we still meow on this earthly plane and when it is our time to cross I promise we will look for you and we will see each other again.

    Peace. Love. Fish.

  25. What a lovely tribute! i remember Teddy & Lily meeting at my wedding to Honeybell. My heart hurts for Lily, her human, and Teddy’s family, but I know that Cammie @HerGraceTheCat, @AdmiralHestorb, @HollieCatRocks & all the others who have gone OTRB before will greet him, comfort him, & show him how to watch over all his loved ones. I’m glad there are no cars OTRB. * nose kisses *

    • Hugs Mrs StripeyBell and ty for your comments … Teddy is going to have so much fun OTRB with all his furiends who have passed before him and deep in my heart I know that Lily & her Mom, Teddy’s Mom and Teddy’s human Sissy takes comfort in that.
      xxx’s ty

  26. @JustAnotherTrnd HURLEY: What a beautiful and loving tribute to your #Bestie. I’m so saddened to hear of Teddy’s passing. Sending love to his mom, family, and of course to sweet Lily, who loves him so. @LilyLuWHoT

  27. ther dusnt be werds to elp but i ope nowin ow much teddy wos luvvd dus elp is famly an deer lily at this sad time.

    twitta dus be majik for bringin us new frends to luv but it dus meen aswel that ther wil be sadnis wen frends av to leev us. but ow lukky is we that we av such fun wiv ower frends an av so menny memrys to elp us frew th sadnis.

    th memrys dusnt neva gow an they is ownly evva a fort away

  28. My typist was just too much of a mess to assist me until now. I must confess I wasn’t any better. I had said I not tweeting my pain too great – but after a long nap, I realized I joined twitter to be there for all my furfriends and their staff to help them thru times just like this one.
    My loss of Teddy hurts, but I know his lovely bride and mom are in much more pain – so know that our Teddy is a lovely rainbow shining down and letting us know he is safe & happi running thru the nip fields

    • Hugs Belle, for everyone how has sent a msg here to Teddy, his beauitful bride, Lily, his Mom and his human Sissy are reinforcing the deep abiding love we have for a wonderful gentle man who was our friend.
      Thank you xxx’s

  29. Teddy was a great pal & brought much joy to his family, furiends, Anipal Community & his beloved Lily. We shall all miss him, but his Spirit lives on in all of us. I rejoice having him as a furiend & celebrate him with all of you! xo

  30. Teddy’s Mom here again. Thanks for all the moving comments. TeddyBear is still so loved by many. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderfully supportive friends. Jessie & Lily have always been the most amazing friends. Thanks to you both for everything you are doing. It’s greatly appreciated. I know Teddy’s watching over all of us. Luv & hugs

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  32. Oh how our hearts ache for Teddy’s mum. Mommy knows real well how a sudden loss can feel – it’s so awful! We send her all our comforting purrs, and know that Ryker’s with Teddy up at the RB now and they’re having a blast in the nip fields…

    Much love, Ryker’s Boyz ‘n’ Allie

  33. your celebration of Teddy’s life was inspiring…and truly heartfelt, so easy to see…this was a very special furriend. I am so sad I allowed other more trivial things to keep me from visiting your blog to learn of Teddy. I did not know him, but wish I had. sending you and his huFamily purrrrrs, Savannah

  34. What a beautiful post, JJ – Teddy & Lily were among the first anipals I got to know, & like everyone else I cried & cried when I heard. I’d just finished my DJ set a few minutes earlier, & had been thrilled to see that #NipClub was trending at #1 – & then I heard the news, & it felt like the whole world had crashed around me. Teddy’ll be remembered for his kindness as much as for his sense of fun – a sweet furiend it’s always been a pleasure & a privilege to know. I hope his family will take some comfort from knowing how very much he’s loved. xxxx

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