Thank You

To see the larger picture – left click on it!

To see the larger picture – left click on it!


I was nosing around today and saw this great idea on the blog of @PumpkingPuddy “Adventures of a Suburban Kitty” and *whispers* I stole it, the idea that is!

You may or may not be aware but I’m not impressed with huMum taking my picture so I made myself scant … it was dawn and, as you know, that is prime time for catching mice before they return to their nests after a night scavenging in the bins at school football oval behind my home.

Sorry there are SO MANY cards (chuckles as huMum only received 5 and one of those was from her accountant so it doesn’t count) you may not be able to see yours but I promise you it is there!  Did you see all my pressies?  *Rubs Paws*

OK it is time to fess-up … I’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity of my furiends and went on strike!  I’m refusing to play with my toys when huMum is awake.  Its another matter when she is asleep as, gradually, I’m emptying my toy box and giving each a thorough inspection (and a bite or bunny kick to check quality).

The point of this post is to to thank YOU (yes I’m looking at YOU).  The kindness and love experienced has made this festive period one that will always bring smiles to our faces and warm feelings in our hearts.

Nap time, bye-bye for now!


14 responses to “Thank You

  1. OMC! this is amazing and overwhelming … fortunately you have such a large table, you deserve any of it, dear.

    8:30 am here, your 6:30 pm … you´ll be one of the first who can welcome 2013, just a few hours to go, have a Happy New Year, with love xxx´s

  2. First time in years, my Dad and Mom made it to midnight…a little kiss and a happy new year, then a squeeze for me and we were all fast asleep! And I hope I get that many cards next year!! ‘Course that means Mom…glares at Mom…has to SEND some out for me! I need addresses of course…send me yours Jessie and I will add it to the list I am making!! paw hugs, Savannah

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