Happy New Year




There have been many times in 2012 when I may have:
Disturbed you
Troubled you
Pestered you
Irritated you
Bugged you
Today I just want to tell you
You will get the same from me in 2013!


Angry Jessie – meowh!
Lonely Jessie – mieowh 😦
Happy Jessie – meawh! 😀
Bored Jessie – miaow!
Caring Jessie – meaowh
Loveable Jessie – purrrrrrr

25 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. *rubs eyes* g´morn from here, guess we´re finally in 2013 too, Happy New Year! I´d love to be bugged and would really miss it if not, but could you pls wait until my slight hangover is over, just a few hours or so 😉 with love xxx´s

  2. *smoochies* Happy New Year, dear Jessie … another year of looking after me *grateful* and getting my breakfast ready. What would I do without you ? *imagining it and not like it one bit* I hope 2013 is a grreat year for you and Aunty Jane, and our whole little fambly xx

  3. Hi Jessie! …waving paw…I know you had your start of the first day of the new year like tons of house ago, but sending you the bestest of wishes for a pawsome year! Thank you for coming by to visit me. My apologies for having been absent for a bit. I hope we are back to normal visits after this week…if we get our internet back that is…sigh….paw pats, Savannah

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