Super Sweet Blogging Award

Yesterday I received the Super Sweet Blogging Award from my Adelaide twitter mate @WhatdoingDugal and was so very honoured. You can visit his site by clicking HERE.

My next task is to pass the pawsome award on to some twitter furiends who are also very SWEET.

@mariodacat has such an amusing and informative blog (click HERE)

@PuppyNumber7 his blog tell about their wonderful life in Queensland (click HERE)

@RumpyDog reading his blog is a daily part of my life (click HERE)

@piggusbiggus nobody should miss reading this amusing blog (click HERE)

@PepiSmartDog so genuine and such a furiend, exceptional blog (click HERE)

Thank you so much Dugal for passing on the Award. Furiends I do hope you go and visit the abovementioned blogs, xxx’s with love!

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