Thomas – His Mantras

My darling furiend and employer on Twitter whispered to me the other day he had written down a set of Mantras which he was reciting to himself a few times a day in an effort to become the most purrfect dog on all of Twitter.  So I thought I might help him a little by adding the following picture to my bloggie.  Yes @PuppyNumber7 (aka Thomas) is indeed handsome, very special and I know how proud I am of him, as too is his Nan and Pop, for attempting this most difficult journey to ‘self-improvement’.


Left click on the picture for a larger image.

6 responses to “Thomas – His Mantras

  1. Oh, this looks indeed very difficult, especially *remembering a certain incident with my dog furiend Lulu* number 2. Thomas, do you read this? I would be deeply grateful if you´d repeat number 12 the most often!

  2. M is laughing so hard. She says that is a purrfect mantra for a doggie. i don’t quite see the charm in it myself, but I am a cat nad have a more refined sense of humor. Tell PuppytNumber7 he did a supper job.

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