*Big Sighs*

Hiding from the world between the cushions on MY sofa!

I understand that we all have to go OTRB at some stage but just wish it didn’t hurt our hearts so much when others precede us.

This week has been very stressful as the battle to save Lennox in Ireland was sadly lost and then, just a few hours later, we learned that our dear furiend, @DevonScootle, said goodbye to her sibling’s @TourettesTabby2 and @DOOMandNemisis and their Staff and went to join her sisfur @MilliesSpektre OTRB.

Like many anipals on Twitter we just sat looking at our monitors with leaky eyes and dribbly noses.  The heartache wasn’t really ours but we shared it with Scoots’ family and, in doing so, we hope it helped fill the void she has left in their lives.  We are very happy to learn that Mona, @Kernow_Kitteh, has just joined the Colony and think she will give Mimsey, Doom and Nemesis a run for their money. Also, we hope she is wise to sleight-of-paws which might be visited on her by Millie and Scoots!

However at times like these, huMum worries as she knows that my time with her may be short.  I know I’m only 10 but I’ve used up so many of my lives fighting breast cancer and now the dreaded arthritis.  I still try to act all kittenish and pretend to be interested in the zoomy red dot from the new laser-pen sent to us by @ickle_tikkypoo‘s Dad, but I’m spending more and more of my time just curled up in a ball on the sofa.

*Big sighs* … squishing around and turning back on room now as it is …

Naptime, bye-bye for now!

For those who are interested in my treatment and that suggested by @mariodacat please read Comments below … also here is the link for information about Pentosan 100 which we highly recommend


4 responses to “*Big Sighs*

  1. “However at times like these, huMum worries as she knows that my time with her may be short.”

    Same here. Whenever a pal goes OTRB huMum worries as she knows my time will come. *sigh*

  2. We have lost so many Twitter pals lately. It’s also so sad every time one leaves us,. M and I both sit here with leaky eyes.

    Now Jessie – what is this with you and arthritis? I sorry to hear that. My sisfur’s kitty as arthritis too. Her vet prescribed a human drug called glucosomine – it’s an over-the–counter drug readily available in the US. Sisfur gives it to Amos twice a day sprinkled in a little wet food. It will not cure arthritis, but it does help with the joints so they are not so painful and miight slow the disease down slightly. I don’t know if you can get it in your country, but if you can, and your doctor doesn’t have any other ideas, I’s sure try it. It iwll NOT hurt you.

    • TY so much for Comments Mario and M … we were so remiss we didn’t mention that I had a “Cat Scan” and then 4 injections over 4 weeks of a natrual drug called Pentosan 100. I’ve added a link for information about this drug as a PS to the above bloggy which you might like to pass onto your sisfur and Amos. The extra good news is that it is not expensive … the bad news is that I really do NOT like the “lady in the white coat” anymore and I will fight (hiss, howl, spit and scratch) huMum if she attempts to get me back in my blue carry box before next year’s check-up! Am sure it will take me that long to forget I do NOT like the “lady in the white coat”! BTW we too are using glucosamine with the delicious bonus of a few drops of delicious fish oil on my wet food each night. xxx’s with love

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