Transfer of my Blog to WordPress

#ourWinnie taking Nanny Jessie for a ride on her horsey

Over the past week I’ve been gradually transferring my personal blog to WordPress. Unfortunately, the two Australian #NipClub tours to help save the endangered Bilby held earlier in 2012 could not be included (graphic overload!) but they still can be viewed (see the link in the BlogRoll on the right of this page).

Please let me know if you wish me to add your link to my BlogRoll and, in turn, I’d be delighted if you added my link to your Blog.

Also if you are looking for links important to twitter anipals just click here HERE.

I don’t promise to update this blog on a regular basis but I may be more inclined to share the daily joys of living with huMum in my forever home. It also will encourage her to get the dreaded camera out and snap pictures of me compromising poses.

Nap time, bye-bye for now!

12 responses to “Transfer of my Blog to WordPress

  1. I am so excited, dear! *looks around* very smart! And yes, please encourage your Mum to get the camera out *whisper* and may be you can satisfy on her that she needs a *lowers voice once more* pawPhone

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