Painting The House

Cream walls with a scattering of black fur is very “IN” at our house

I wasn’t aware my huMum had a mild disability when we met as she was able to do all the basic stuff like feed and brush me. It doesn’t worry me that when she is tired, she uses a walker or a stick because I get to ride on the walker’s seat and the stick provides me with hours of pleasure trying to move it from one room to another. Laborious chores like cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and mopping floors are just beyond huMum and she has a lovely lady called Vidanka visit once a week to help.

Vidanka was my friend from our first meeting, it was a mutual admiration society – she loved rubbing my tummy and I loved the treats she, unbeknownst to huMum, hid in her pocket for me! Over the years Vidanka and her family, huMum and I all became really close friends. Our house was only 7 years old but it really needed painting so Sam, Vidanka’s husband and a professional painter, agreed on a price with huMum and the work started the following week.

I wasn’t too sure that all these ladders, drapes over the furniture and floor were really such a good idea. OMC the smell of the paint was hideous, it permeated every hiding place I had in the house so I spent a lot of time on my fence steps. Each afternoon, as soon as Sam left, I’d be coaxed back into the house to play with huMum, have our dinner and watch TV or spend time on the computer. Nobody told me that the lovely cream paint on the wall was still wet. Oh dear I was in deep doo doo! My beautiful black coat was covered in cream paint and the walls were covered in my fur. You guessed it! At the time, I was in the middle of my shedding season!

Every day Sam arrived at 7:30am to fix another catastrophe! Sometimes it was blue paint, sometimes it was sage and always the walls were covered in my black fur. Sam and huMum took turns in fixing the walls and washing the paint off my coat. At no time did Sam ask huMum to banish me from the house. You see I had this gentle Yugoslavian wrapped around my wee paw! He was always anxious that I did not try to wash the paint off myself. I did enjoy the attention but I did not enjoy being washed!

Finally the house was completely painted with clean curtains and carpet! It looked so fresh and sparkling. The only real complaint I had was that huMum sent my mohair blankie to the dry cleaners. A pongy, smelly but very fluffy blankie was returned to me! It took me four weeks of hard work kneading and covering it with my scent to get it back to purrfection!

Nap time, bye-bye for now!


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